Resolver Management

Resolver Management

Resolvers under ERC 1484 encode identifying information about an Identity.

DApps can call functions on Snowflake allows DApps to add and remove resolvers, which encode information that drives the logic behind how these DApps recognize end users.

In the example below, the makeHappy contract checks whether its users have a status of "happy" as defined in the Status contract (a Snowflake Resolver that encodes info about a user - the info being a user-defined "status"). If they don't have the Resolver set, it adds it for them. If they do, it drives its logic based on the user's status within the resolver (in particular it checks if their status = "happy"; if so, it does nothing; otherwise it gives them a warm message).

Resolvers added and removed through Snowflake are flagged based on whether they leverage Snowflake as a provider, allowing for snowflake-specific onSignup and onRemoval functions when a Resolver is added and removed from an EIN. This functionality is designed to streamline the onboarding flow for end-users of smart contracts leveraging Snowflake.